Mar 24, 2010 - Loudlever, Publishing    No Comments

A Nation of Writers

I stumbled across a very interesting stat the other day:

24 million adults in the United States consider themselves creative writers but less than 5% have ever been published anywhere.

5% is 1.2 million published writers in the US!

The internal numbers I’ve gathered from my years working with Pif Magazine is that the magazine sees roughly 9 “amateur” writers for every one “professional” writer who’s work crosses the editor’s desk.  The US Census Bureau states that there are currently 151,000+ professional (non-technical) writers in the country, which puts my number of ‘published’ writers at a little over 1.3 million.

1.2 vs. 1.3 – either way, that’s a hell of a lot of writers out there looking for a home for their manuscript.  Which makes me very excited about what we’re doing with Loudlever and the offering.

I truly believe that in this day and age, there is a publication out there for (virtually) any piece of writing.  But finding that home for most authors is like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

Part of our challenge will simply be finding these markets.  The net is a big, woolly ether of wonderful.  It seems like more websites then people are created daily.  How does one keep up?

If you are a publisher looking for writers, please let me know.  I remember what it was like in the early days of Pif.  Just getting the word out seems like a daunting task.  And I, personally, would love to help.