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Building the ‘Loudlever’ for Publishing

A ‘loud lever’ is a US Navy term used to describe the throttle on a jet airplane.  The analogy goes like this: as you apply the ‘lever’, the engines get ‘loud’.  What’s not included in this analogy is this:  Shortly thereafter your stomach gets slammed against your spine as the aircraft launches off the catapult and you’re hurtled into the air.  Fly or swim.  It’s up to you now.  You’ve been given enough momentum to give you a high rate of success.

This is the same analogy we’re bringing to the publishing industry with our new company. will be this catapult for authors and publishers.  We don’t intend to slam your stomach into your spine, of course – but we do intend to give authors and publishers enough momentum to fly above their competitors.

Our first product offering is Hey Publisher, an online tool that allows authors to find publishers best-suited to their style and genre.  The site will also allow authors to track their submissions, provide reviews of publishers for the benefit of other authors, and generally provide a community of like-minded creative types to hone their craft, share their hard-earned knowledge, and better the publishing world as a whole.

We describe it as eHarmony for the publishing industry.

I’d be interested in hearing how you describe it to others.

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